Aroka is an Occupational Psychology Consultancy founded by Fiona Murden who are based in the UK and also operate overseas (Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, India).

We can help you by:

  • Enabling individual and team potential to be fulfilled
  • Freeing up innovative & creative possibilities in individuals and groups
  • Advising on senior level recruitment, retention and promotion
  • Educating groups and individuals¬†on psychology and its influence on performance

We have extensive experience of working with senior executives across industry to realise individual and group potential, advise on high risk appointments, release creative potential and breakdown barriers in order to achieve outstanding results.

We have recently launched a development programme available to organisations worldwide. The Dot to Dot Programme came about in response to client demand for a psychologically robust development programme accessible to anyone in an organisation (versus only the senior leaders). The programme allows individuals to own their own development which drives levels of engagement and reduces costs while adding psychological skills to HR and line managers tool kits. The outcomes not only include improved performance but also a positive impact on mental health and well-being.