About Our Founder


Fiona Murden is a British Psychologist, performance coach, trusted advisor, author and stimulating public speaker. She has spent the past 18 years advising leaders of global organisations, policy makers and ‘people of significant influence’ on how best to fulfil their own and others potential.

Fiona passionately believes that we should all be better equipped with the knowledge and tools to live a more fulfilled life. She leverages the latest neuroscientific research about our brain and behaviour in a ‘user friendly’ way and is an outspoken campaigner for dispelling the myths around psychology. She recently launched the charity Dot-to-Dot which aims to accelerate this understanding across society.

Fiona is a recognised authority on leadership assessment, unpicking what makes individuals and groups tick. She has advised corporate and organisational boards across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific on the behavioural probabilities associated with leadership hires, how to mitigate any risks and the best ways to enable success. She is also a highly sought-after coach, working with a broad range of people from CEO’s and Sports Professionals to Professors and Medics. She has delivered over 8000 hours worth of psychological profiling and coaching. Her speaking commitments take her into schools and universities and establishments as diverse as the Cabinet Office, Institute of Directors and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Fiona is a Chartered Psychologist and has been awarded Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Warwick University and a Masters from Warwick University Business School. She also has a Master of Science in Psychology, gained with distinction, from The University of London. Her dissertation which examined the link between physical activity and aging, was written up and published in the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology. She has more recently authored a chapter entitled ‘The Brains Behind Business’ looking at cutting edge neuroscience and its application to the business world. She also co-authored a paper which was presented at all of the party conferences in 2016. The paper, written in collaboration with Professor Peter Kinderman (President of the British Psychological Society) and government advisor Kathryn Scott, examined how and why faulty decision-making occurs focussing on Brexit and the Chilcot report. Her book ‘Defining You’ will be published in March 2018.

Fiona is known professionally as having sharp insight into human behaviour, a quick understanding of situational dynamics and as someone who is able to rapidly get to the bottom of complex issues. Interpersonally she is engaging and enjoyable company, quickly putting people at ease with a genuine manner and naturally approachable disposition.

Aroka also employs 14 other associates internationally, with expertise in psychology and HR.